Sustainable growth

TCA addresses environmental themes globally, systematically, consistently and completely with a view to the continuous improvement of processing cycles.
TCA has always been aware of the close relationship existing between business interests and the natural and social environment in which it operates. Having the conviction that success cannot be pursued without respecting the environment and without the consent of civil society, the company has put sustainability at the core of its corporate culture. As part of its commitment to grow in a manner that protects the territory for present and future generations, TCA invests in the plant renewal and develops low impact processing techniques.

Air and water in excellent health

Recycling industrial scrap is of primary importance to the environment but it is essential to conduct it in compliance with the legislation in force. The company has the necessary instruments to treat process wastewater and its own and third parties’ exhausted solutions and to constantly monitor gaseous emissions originating from its treatment of ashes, burning systems and static furnaces. To avoid dispersion into the atmosphere of the substances used in the production cycle, appropriate abatement systems are used for significant emissions.
These systems are kept up efficiently and undergo continuous controls to ensure their proper operation.
Accredited independent laboratories monitor all authorized emissions periodically. Liquids emerging from the physiochemical treatment are sent for storage and disposal using authorized independent firms.

Our numbers

As part of the obligations that TCA undertook when it established its quality and environmental policies, the parameters representing the objective Quality and Environment Management System and its capacity for improvement are determined and monitored.

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