Minted and certified gold bars

Thanks to the new regulation introduced with Law 7/2000, which has abolished the monopoly on gold, private individuals and companies are now free to invest in gold bars and other forms of gold without paying VAT.

In 2014, TCA has been officially included in the GOLD GOOD DELIVERY LIST

A secure investment

A gold bar is a tangible, fast, no-constraint, solid way to protect your capital over time from the vagaries of international finance.
It has real value, which is globally recognized, beyond the country and currency of reference and keeps its purchasing power intact.
An excellent investment when choosing how to differentiate your capital through different forms of investment.

A gift of assured value

A gold bar makes a prestigious gift which acquires value over time; a shelter asset in moments of crisis, inflation and fluctuation and which, for centuries, has been a symbol of prosperity and affluence.
A universal message of good wishes to enhance life’s important moments such as baptisms, graduations, weddings (etc.) bestowing serenity.

Investment gold

We offer our customers investment gold in the form of bars weighing a minimum of 5 g, with a purity level of 999.9 and quality guaranteed by assays and tests.
TCA guarantees its products by producing the investment bars directly in-house. They are punched and furnished with a guarantee certificate inside sealed tamper-resistant packaging.
The certificate and the TCA brand guarantee the purity of the gold and that the bar is hallmarked by an authorized investment gold refinery.
The price of the investment bars is established at the time of the order on the basis of the London Gold Fixing: a commission for processing costs is added at a rate that decreases with the quantities sold.

Investing in pure gold is totally tax free.


  • certified purity

    TCA INVESTMENT bars are made using the sector’s most advanced and qualified technologies. The 999.9 purity of the gold is certified.

  • safe packaging

    Our gold bars are protected and delivered to customers in a safe tamper-resistant plastic blister-pack containing the guarantee certificate.

  • an exclusive club

    TCA is an Associate Member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and a Patron Member of IPMI (International Precious Metals Institute).

  • dimensions

    Our ingots are available in a wide range of size, weight and embossing, for all investment and purchasing needs, from top gift to safe haven (*).

(*) TCA INVESTMENT gold bars are offered in the following sizes:
500 grams. Size: 52.5×94.51 mm ● 250 grams. Size: 44.1×72 mm ● 100 grams. Size: 36×59.3 mm ● 50 grams. Size: 25×38 mm ● 1 ounce. Size: 18.5×29.5 mm ● 20 grams. Size: 18×28.8 mm ● 10 grams. Size: 13×21 mm ● 5 grams. Size: 11.3×18.4 mm

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