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Research and innovation of processes

TCA is a company based on research and it centers all its development plans on innovation. TCA considers process innovation to be the key to its success. Operating in hig-tech sectors, TCA can discern new trends of progress and is prepared to welcome them.
Fuelling our knowledge to nourish our expertise. Based on this idea, we collaborate closely with the university in a stimulating exchange in order to find solutions to problems connected to the chemistry of metals.
In particular, the refining process is studied to optimize the qualitative standard of the purity of precious metals recovered from the most complex raw materials.


Assays are safely performed with automated methods implemented with the best technologies available on the market monitored by skilled staff. The methods are agreed upon with the customer and it is possible to take two routes:
  1. the customer samples the material on its own premises and then sends it to TCA, which re-samples the material to check the correspondence of the precious metal content.
  2. TCA makes its sampling department available and creates a perfectly uniform sample with the aid of blender and micronizers.

To ensure the protection of mutual interests, it is possible to use an independent laboratory.


Our chemical laboratory selects the assay methods that best apply to the specific materials in order to accurately determine the precious metal content. The laboratory can carry out both gravimetric analysis (cupellation) and instrumental analyses (ICP and XRF) with the utmost precision. The right combination of classic analysis methods and instrumental methods guarantees the exact precious metal content of the materials tested, ranging from traces to 100% purity.
Having established the composition of metals, the most appropriate analysis methods for the type of material are selected and the most suitable procedure to recover precious metals is determined.

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