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Cookies are text files containing minimal information sent to the browser and stored on your computer each time you visit a website.  At each connection, cookies send information back to the reference site.

They are used to improve the functionality of the site, to allow users to move easily between pages and to ensure users always have an optimal browsing experience.

Cookies can be installed:

  1. Directly from the owner / owner or manager of the website (first-party cookies)
  2. By managers unrelated to the website visited by the user (third-party cookies).  Unless otherwise specified, please note that these cookies fall under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the manager himself.  Further information on privacy and their use can be found directly on the websites of the respective operators

Cookies can be classified into the following categories:

  • Technical cookies.  These are cookies that are used to browse or to provide a service requested by the user.  Without the use of these cookies some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and less secure.  In general, therefore, it is not necessary to obtain the prior and informed consent of the interested party.  This category also includes cookies used to statistically analyzed accesses / visits to the site if used exclusively for statistical purposes and through the collection of information in aggregate form.
  • Non-technical cookies (profiling and marketing).  These cookies are used to track the user's browsing on the network and to create profiles on his tastes, habits, choices and more.  Their use on the terminals of the interested parties is prohibited if they have not been adequately informed and have not given valid consent in this regard.  When the installation of Cookies takes place on the basis of consent, this consent can be freely revoked at any time.

Below, for each cookie operating on our Site, we report the information by type of cookies used:

Technical cookies

  • l-BWEB-* is a cookie necessary for the management of the user session
  • _iub_cs-* is a cookie that keeps track of the grip on the site's cookie policy
  • _ga* is a third-party technical cookie (google Analytics) used to generate statistical data on how visitors use the website
  • _gid* is a third-party technical cookie (google Analytics) used to generate statistical data on how visitors use the website

Non-technical cookies (profiling and marketing)

  • there are no non-technical cookies on this site

Management of cookies from browser settings This website works optimally if cookies are enabled.  The user can decide not to allow the setting of cookies on their computer.  For information on how to change the cookie settings, select the browser you are using:
Microsoft Edge


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