Doing things together
We are part of the territory and we are a community. We act together to create and preserve value.

Together, as a community

some of the projects we have worked on

Star(t) Care

It is a summer camp for kids with and without disability, organized in collaboration with the Crescere ODV association and the Casa del Pietro teaching farm. It teaches children how to take care of the matter and plan the future.

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Towards environmental awareness

12 events to learn how to act greener thanks to practical tips from experts.

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We help to build training sessions thanks to the alternating school-work program in collaboration with the Buonarroti-Fossombroni institute, and provide young people with practical and immersive experiences.

Waste sorting

It is a brochure for children and teenagers, written in a language that is accessible to people with and without cognitive disabilities, that aims at promoting a culture of participation: all of us are asked to contribute to the society we belong to and to environmental protection.

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Re-discovering value – 2022 calendar

This calendar is made in collaboration with the Crescere ODV association. It reminds us every day that the value we discover is made of bounty, transformation and growth.

Weaving together – 2023 calendar

This calendar is a fundraising made in collaboration with the Crescere ODV association. It reminds us in a gentle way that through our actions we can create beauty, harmony between us and nature, well-being for each one of us and inclusion.

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In 2022 we have sponsored many of the local initiatives that were proposed to us, choosing those that share our same values. Here are some of them:

  • Meno Alti dei Pinguini
  • Festival Eticamente – Castelsecco Association
  • Crescere ODV Association
  • Policiano sports center
  • Proloco Castelluccio
  • Madonna del Conforto
  • San Clemente tennis club 
  • Arezzo Wawe Foundation – Poti a piedi initiative
  • Misericordia
  • Rumors, Farrago’s new headquarter
  • Arezzo Jazz Club
  • Archivio dei diari –2022 award

Would you like to share a project with us?


ARPA(T) is the agency overseeing environmental monitoring activities. They investigate pollution sources and their impacts, identifying and preventing risks factors for the environment and people’s health.

An automated emission monitoring system is installed in a dedicated area within our plant. The system is regularly calibrated to comply with legal restrictions, and its data are constantly shared with the agency.


Direct connection to TCA

Our branches are open to the public during working hours, from Monday to Friday in the morning and afternoon. If you need further information, you can contact us by phone and e-mail; you can find all relevant details below or on the ‘Contacts’ page. If you wish to visit us in person, you can stop by the reception area in the Castelluccio branch from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 am and from 3 pm to 5 pm.

We will gladly welcome you in the facility.

Visit the company

The best way to get to know us is to pay a visit to our branches and facilities, to talk to the people working with us and see the recovery process for yourself. Come to meet us in person to discover the charming world of precious metals. Walk around our facilities with our technicians, engineers, chemists and meet the owners and all of the extraordinary people working every day to make this company great.


Circular Event

Two open days to see our plants and take part in the technical conference titled “The raw materials in the world: recovering to give new life”. This training session was all about transforming, recovering and doing things together. Watch the sessions here.


We want many people to transform our idea into a project.

The more organizations get on board, the more efficiently can we explain which materials can be recovered in the most sustainable way, so that all companies are aware of it and make conscious choices accordingly.


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