Analysis laboratory

Looking for the exact number

Through state-of-the-art technology, cooperation, passion, experience.

Analysis during each step:
from precious metals to the complete periodic table

We apply analytical procedures even before the delivery of the goods to our facility and we carry on testing throughout the whole process:

During the preliminary stage

this is carried out before the shipping of the goods, to identify any potentially harmful substances and, therefore, determine whether the goods to be shipped are acceptable or not.

Upon arrival

this analysis has the purpose of confirming the results obtained during the preliminary testing and identifying the most suitable analytical procedure for the material.

Throughout the manufacturing process

this testing aims at providing constant support during every step of preparation, sampling, smelting and refining and validating the highest purity of the production outputs.

In the business relationship

to provide the fineness, i.e., how much our clients’ materials are worth.


Detailed analyses identifying substantial values

We recover raw materials with a substantial worth; when quantifying precious metals in a material, potential differences, even insignificant ones, could greatly affect the final value of all available precious metals

That’s why we always strive to obtain higher accuracy levels and increasingly reliable analytical protocols.

Borderless laboratory

We are part of a network of leading analysts located all over the world. We take part in round-robin tests, where many labs analyze several materials and compare their results to refine their technique and knowledge. We believe that nurturing a discussion with the world’s most relevant players is important, as they are trustworthy references as far as analytical processes for materials containing precious metals are concerned.

If necessary, external and independent arbitrators can be hired to assess reference values.

Ongoing training is essential to keep up to date with the latest techniques and necessary standards, in order to carry out an optimal analytical process.


Human skills

We are more than just analysts; we are passionate and competent people using state-of-the-art technology. 

We stand out because of our knowledge, experience, our good eye, reasoning, instinct and detached observation. We know that it is not enough to analyze data or methods coldly, therefore we always apply reasoning and keep on nurturing doubts, until we find a reliable result.

State-of-the-art technology

We use tools aiming for extreme precision and shorter analysis times. In our job, time is a fundamental factor but it must always come second to accuracy, reliability and method. Our facilities are equipped with high-pressure digesters, the latest ICP-OES and other machines such as ED-XRF and WD-XRF.

Some of our tools are:

Milestone digester, UltraWAVE
ICP-OES – 5800, Agilent
ED-XRF – Ametek
ICP-OES - s6000, s7000, XP Pro, Thermo Scientific
WD-XRF – Zetium – Malvern Panalytical
Potentiometer – Metrohm
Sharing and cooperating, looking for the perfect number

Lab network

Working with other labs is essential all along the research process that will lead to the identification of the exact number. Each lab has its own pool of skills and specific expertise, representing the value of the company where it operates.

However, sharing between labs is essential: it is important to share standards that will lead us to find increasingly precise results and to share the best methodology practices to determine which method works the best. These are two pillars of analysis and each lab will carry them out according to their own capacity.


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