Eligible materials

Which materials are eligible.
Extended and shared control system, technology and precise tools, strict rules.

Features by products

High-grade and low-grade ashes

Calcined material stemming from different production residues

Metal blocks and alloys

Alloy material, enriched, melted or concentrated, pre-treated residues, bars, scrap 

Spent catalysts

Wet and dry production residues stemming from several industrial processes


Concentrated production residues, precipitation solutions, resin sludge.


We handle the whole recovery cycle of precious metals and can also recover low quantities of metal. We receive materials from precious metal recovery companies that might have partially carried out the recovery process, from collectors, as well as from production and manufacturing companies operating in different fields, such as goldsmiths and silversmiths and companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry or in the mining, petrochemical, and dental industries.

Eligibility criteria

The material should comply with strict eligibility parameters

Extensive control along the supply chain and multi-subject control

These checks are performed in the countries of origin by the clients, in the points of entry in harbors and airports, at customs, where containers’ packaging is scanned, as well as its content which is also sampled and analyzed by several actors along the journey.

Qualified staff and technological resources: radiometric controls are performed by specialized tools and technologies in order to comply with the highest regulatory standards

Involvement of specific authorities for materials coming from abroad: the acceptance procedure requires the presence of authorities of transit and the Region Tuscany.

Characterization sheet for each material

We receive materials that we can process in our facilities and that are safe for our employees and our territory. We request samples of the materials prior to any agreement, in order to determine not only the type of service needed and its cost, but especially the chemical and physical properties of the materials and whether we are willing to receive it.


Shipping guidelines

Once we have determined whether a material is eligible, we have it shipped over. We provide our clients with a short summary that they can consult and download, containing guidelines on how to ship to Italy from abroad. In this document we detail all necessary documents, specific roles, required or suggested packaging and proper labelling.

 We provide all necessary information to support those companies wishing to ship goods; however, we also advise them to get in touch with specialized courier services and verify the right procedures, which depend on their country of origin, and necessary steps to undertake.

Shipping to Italy from all over the world

The logistics team is specialized in helping companies find the most appropriate and quickest solutions to ship materials to our facilities.


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