Our facilities

Our recovery facilities.
Close-by, accessible, designed to guarantee safety.

We have been thinking about how to recover valuables since our company was founded 46 years ago in the beating heart of the Italian goldsmith and silversmith district.



Our main headquarters are located in the province of Arezzo, close to the Florence airport, to Perugia and less than two hours away from the main airports in Rome. Our headquarters are easy to access for those wanting to visit us and see our plants, and for those wishing to ship freight by air or sea.

This facility covers an area of around 30,000 square meters (7.4 acres). On the covered premises one can find the production technologies needed for the recovery process: pre-treatment and sampling areas, smelting and refining plants, analytical and research and development laboratories. All of these facilities are fitted with sophisticated, new tools that are reliable and conceived to research data in a timely manner. Our main headquarters also include administration offices, the sales department and general management offices.

The vault is sturdy and designed to be impenetrable, since noteworthy valuables are put in the vault and moved every day. The vault’s design is sophisticated and refined, and it also provides employees the possibility to work in daylight, since it comes with an unbreakable glass ceiling. The Arezzo plant is able to process 2,000 tons of scraps annually.

Vicenza & Valenza

We also have two branches located in Vicenza and Valenza. The latter is very close to Milan, Turin and Alessandria and used for pre-treatment, even though its operational capacity will be further developed in the future.

The plants in Vicenza and Valenza are important branches as far as trade is concerned, and they are used for the collection and preliminary treatment of materials that will then be processed in Arezzo.


Skills and safety

Our employees’ expertise, respect, the strive for safety and resource efficiency are the main values of our manufactures. We have invested and keep on investing in new technologies that can lead us to a more efficient use of resources and to an increased recovery capacity.

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