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Why do certifications matter?

All obtained certifications and accreditations are the result of complex and extensive prior processes. By successfully undergoing monitoring and control processes that are carried out by independent third parties, we demonstrate our engagement towards quality and our compliance to all factors that are essential to cooperation.

Each process includes testing a wide variety of company’s matters, as well as its products and services: from the business’ financial viability to the excellent quality of metals, from a safe organization to the proper testing of supply and purchasing relationships, from corporate responsibility to the promotion of a precious metals sector free from exploitation and much more.

Many valuable factors lie behind every icon that we display here, making them so much more than just symbols. Each process matters to us, since it allows us to understand our company even better and improve where needed, and it matters to our clients, since it guarantees a relationship based on trust, trustworthiness, quality, and safety.

Quality policies

Environment policy

Quality policy

Safety policy


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