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Metal prices

Credit institutions, companies, gold dealers and other organizations use the prices detailed on our spot prices page as a reference, because they are reliable. We consult key players, both at national and international level, such as LBMA, LPPM, Reuters and Bloomberg, in order to provide high-quality data which are reliable and continuously updated. Reliable data are a must for a serious and responsible trading. Prices detailed here are not binding in the event of trading with metal trading desks.

The spot prices page provides a useful overview of prices of metals for trading purposes, that are updated to official international spot prices.


Our operations have foundations as solid as ingots

Our precious metal trading desk was founded many years ago, as a complementary service to all recovery activities provided to our clients. The original purpose of the metal trading desk was to provide clients with a complete service, since they could also sell the metals that they had obtained through the recovery process at a convenient price. This service was also very useful in the event of extraordinary, urgent recovery of precious metals which would usually require a longer recovery time, playing a wider role at international level over time.

Nowadays, it helps a conspicuous number of players, going beyond the industrial producers, and it mainly involves Italian and international banks.

Metal certifications

Featuring on the LBMA and LPPM Good Delivery list and obtaining a RJC certification for our metals means adding even more value to our precious metals.

Staff and consulting services, long-lasting and reliable relationships

Raw materials are essential for production processes. One needs to know where to buy them, make sure to have a reliable supplier, know which price is fair and how to avoid surprises.

We rely on excellent sources, so that you can rely on our service. We perform virtual transactions provided that physical metal is present.

We offer relevant complementary services dealing with the sale or purchase of precious metals. We have built a network with national and international credit institutions, in order to offer tools and channels that could either facilitate or slow down transactions. We put our logistics skills and selected carriers at your service. Move time is a factor that should not be neglected, as well as adequate equipment and insurance in the case of accidents.

Digital tools

Paying attention to price developments is important for traders. We launched a tool that is easy to access and check from your mobile phone: the TCA prices App.

The App is free and available for both Apple and Android systems. It shows precise data that are updated every 30 seconds, as well as a metal conversion tool in the main currencies with exchanges that are updated almost in real time.

This tool is very useful for whomever wants to buy and sell.

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Gold dealers

We buy from buyers

We buy metals from selected and certified gold dealers, in compliance with our licenses.


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