Research and development

Disruption, towards new balances.
Freedom to experiment, technology, connections.

Sharing knowledge

Our research and development labs are at the forefront of scientific research and strive to gradually advance the knowledge of chemistry and metallurgy, which is born out of everyone’s efforts, whether from the public or the private sector.

We work together with the Departments of Inorganic Chemistry of the Universities of Pisa and Bologna

We are members of the Kic Raw Material (ETI) innovation community, whose purpose is looking for solutions among all stakeholders responsible for managing raw materials. Thanks to cross-sector collaborations, such as our work with geology researchers, we carry out research projects in our facilities and invite colleagues from all over the world.

Technique and technology

Our plants are designed with technique and equipped with technology. We keep on conducting technical researches, in order to identify an increasingly efficient process to use resources in a sustainable way and to eliminate waste. By technique we do not mean tools, but rather the way in which all elements interact with each other in order to achieve an efficient performance without the aid of technology. Technology comes in later to simplify and optimize all operations, with the purpose of achieving a process stripped down to the essential.

Taking concrete action

R&D acts to provide tangible benefits to all areas of production. How do they do so? For example, by planning specific management practices suitable for a production workflow, by implementing alternative strategies for industrial sludge drying or for the optimal preparation of blocks containing precious metals, by reviewing processes needed to obtain very important certifications, such as LPPM, and so on.

 R&D greatly widens the range of processing options of each department, but it more importantly leads to a sparing use of resources and, therefore, improved efficiency, waste reduction and competitiveness.

Inside the processes

Research and Development means connections: it’s about having a discovery-based attitude and an expertise going beyond the company departments and the company itself, as they are rooted in a specific production chain.

We strive to achieve an ongoing disruption in order to look for new balances, because we can only create something new by moving and exploring.


The process is the destination

Our target is reaching a process stripped down to the essential, i.e., that method allowing us to remove rather than add all that’s unnecessary. We are fanatics of the process: we believe that studying and acting are essential to reach this objective, since it allows us to be more resource efficient and, therefore, save money, support environmental sustainability and a balanced use of raw materials that are not endless, and as such, need to be used carefully.

The knowledge we gain will often be shared through academic publications or articles in trade magazines, with the purpose of sharing technological progresses regarding inorganic chemistry.

On Chemistry Today we have dealt with matters regarding industrial chemistry, since we published an article about the role of our company in the goldsmith industry of Arezzo, and several articles about the pharmaceutical sector.


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