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Only around thirty refineries in the world produce platinum and palladium that have been certified by LPPM

The unquestionable quality of metals

LPPM (London Platinum & Palladium Market) is the world’s most relevant organization in matters regarding the quality and features of platinum group metals and refiners working to recover them. Platinum and palladium are increasingly used in many industrial applications, but they are also getting scarcer. Recovering them instead of extracting them is paramount not only to guarantee environmental sustainability, but also to ensure the competitiveness of many companies and economic systems all around the world.

LPPM’s accreditation requirements are strict and involve different kinds of testing, beside the assessment of the excellent quality of platinum and palladium metals. Good Delivery platinum and palladium ingots have, as a matter of fact, a purity of at least 99.95%, they are smooth, free from cavities and easy to handle.

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We operate in national and international markets, producing pure palladium and platinum ingots in compliance with the strict LPPM standards.

obtained in 2022

Quality in every domain

Companies included in the LPPM list are well established on the market; they have a steady annual production of platinum and/or palladium of not less than five hundred kilograms; they keep the same production levels for at least three consecutive years and can demonstrate that they have to ability to produce Good Delivery platinum group metals of an acceptable standard

Being on LPPM’s lists also implies being economically and financially stable. LPPM associates the long-term profitability of a refinery and its ability to comply with the required standards with, among other things, a minimum tangible net worth.

The accreditation process involves constant testing on the quality of refined and recovered metals, on infrastructures, on analytical capacity, on applied standards and on the tools available in the chemical analysis laboratories.

Proactive monitoring

The London Platinum & Palladium Market manages a system monitoring the quality of production and the analytical capacity of the Good Delivery List refineries, in order to guarantee the integrity and further improve the reputation of the List and of the refineries that are part of it.

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