Investing in value

Excellent quality, eye-catching design, authenticity guarantee, timeless.

9 high-value choices

Investment ingots are available in nine sizes and are sealed in @Certicard blisters. Packaging is essential and elegant, but it is, first and foremost, designed to guarantee total safety, authenticity and easy identification.

Investment gold ingots have a Good Delivery quality and a purity of 999.9 parts per thousand, as proven by several in-house tests. Investment ingots are made in a closed-loop production carried out in our facilities.

Each element is hallmarked and a warranty certificate is placed in the sealed, anti-tampering packaging.

Investment silver is available in bars weighing 1,000 Toz (31103.5g).

How to buy gold and silver for investment

We don’t sell to private customers, but we distribute our gold and silver products through authorized retailers. The best authorized credit institutions purchase our ingots and provide their investors from all over the world with prime-quality ingots of different kinds.

Prices of investment ingots are fixed upon order placement according to London’s fixing rates. A commission is then added to this rate, corresponding to the production cost, which decreases as the volume of sales increase. Investing in pure gold is completely tax free.


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