It’s a team effort

We buy quality.
We select qualified partners to conceive and offer an accurate service.

Qualified suppliers

We select and monitor suppliers of goods based on their quality. In the case of suppliers of services, it is even more important to focus on legality. Additional important legal mechanisms come into play here, on top of the rules contained in the ISO 9001 certification and 231 model, which we have chosen to follow voluntarily since 2017 and for which a supervisory body monitors our operations.

We verify and upgrade our knowledge about all our partners based on their certifications, by checking not only the required documents, but also the specific ones.

Each internal stakeholder is required to provide regular feedbacks regarding the quality of past experiences. Our selection spans across many areas. Many different skills are involved in the selection, such as for instance those of the environmental team that takes part in the assessment of permits and can ask for further details with the purpose of ensuring the availability of declared tools and functionalities.

Local, national, global

Choosing a partner means finding a balance between procedural requirements, delivery times, and economic efficiency, without having to compromise on quality.

Not taking into account the purchase of precious metals from our clients, we have more than 200 regular partners supplying goods and services for manufacturing at every level, representing an annual expense of more than 10 million euros. Choosing local business, where possible, is a decisive factor to us. We are part of our territory and we nurture relationships with local companies.

Getting our partner companies qualified is essential to us, not only because we must comply with specific quality certification parameters, but also to ensure productive safety and our competitiveness.

High quality of goods and services, respect of delivery times, appropriate documents, swift and decisive technical support, fluid communication channels – these are only some of the features of our vendors. 

National Law No. 231/01 on management, organization and control

Since 2017 we have implemented at our own discretion an organization, management and control model in compliance with National Law No. 231/01. This significant law has introduced corporate criminal liability into the Italian legislation, thus facilitating the implementation of preventive practices.

Following this model, an independent body, receiving all relevant information flows, regularly monitors all corporate activities. In the event of legislative changes or internal events, such as organizational changes, the model is updated and a new version is released.

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The value chain

We know how big of a role our partners play and how much they are involved in the value chain that we shape through our actions.


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