Logistics and export

Transporting precious metals all over the world.
Safe, quick and guaranteed routes, connecting us all.

How we ship goods

We offer assistance dealing with customs operations, recommending means of transportation, filling documents and transit declarations for countries with different regulations, complying with packaging and labelling rules, finding the most trustworthy shipping services and proven solutions.

We are able to provide logistics consulting services at different levels, meaning that we can provide a fully managed solution, as well as managing only specific areas of transportation, depending on the customer’s needs.

We can support clients from all over the world in order to make sure that shipping operations are carried out in a simple, safe and quick manner.

We know all the routes

The transport sector is based on rules, expertise and continuous updating. We have gotten to know the maps, the couriers, the documents and procedures needed to ship precious goods, as well as dangerous and non-dangerous goods, during our long experience in this field. Our clients, being able to count on our expertise, can thereby improve their competitiveness.

Pick-up and delivery of precious metals

We organize pick-up options on the client’s premises and we transport recovered pure materials in physical form in our own vehicles equipped with specialized armored truck guards.

Over time we have started to work with highly specialized partners. We select the most suitable shipping options for precious metals in terms of price, safety and efficiency.


Groupage freight

We think that logistics should be efficient, in order to save money and optimize the resources needed for transportation. We have opted for the groupage freight solution after consulting highly specialized experts, such as consolidators and customs brokers. It is an innovative solution in our field, meeting the needs of companies, especially small ones, that can, therefore, benefit from smaller costs compared to an individual shipping

What should you look for in a shipping company?

Safety is the first feature that one should consider when choosing shipping services, since precious goods and coded materials requiring a specific care, especially if deemed dangerous, are being shipped. During transportation, the metal value is fixed and one should pay attention to the estimated delivery time. Many clients ask for our advice concerning shipping fees.

An excellent shipping company should also be well equipped in terms of fleet and available vehicles, should guarantee an extensive distribution network and have obtained all required authorizations.

Do you need support to ship?

Our logistics and export team can help you.


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