Physical metal

All kinds of shaped metals

For industrial and manufacture purposes, highest quality and applicability


Good Delivery 400toz bars, ingots, foils and grain with a purity of 99.99 % or 99.95% upon request.


Bars compliant to the strict Good Delivery standards, 1,000toz 99.9%. Homogenous silver grain produced by Good Delivery refineries.


LPPM quality, as bars weighing approximately 4.6 kg, sponge or foils, with a platinum content not less than 99.95%.


LPPM quality, as bars weighing approximately 2.6 kg and sponge. Also available in foils and Tetraamminepalladium in different concentrations.


As sponge, with a fineness higher than 99.95%. Rhodium sulfate at different concentrations.

Product movements and timing

The nominal capacity of our plants is the potential volume of production that our plants can handle under normal conditions. However, we actually do not let our plants reach nominal production capacity, but rather stick to lower levels that allow us to pay even more attention to the process.

The refining process and the transformation of recovered precious metals is carried out to preserve the highest purity along every step of the production cycle, without losing in resource efficiency. Our aim is reaching a high-quality result that allows us to obtain certifications as well as to meet the standards required by the markets where our metals are used.


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