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Gold and silver accredited in the Good Delivery List since 2014

Why is the LBMA certification so important?

LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) is an independent authority guaranteeing the world’s highest standards regarding precious metals of gold and silver, as demonstrated by the companies that are able to meet the strictest quality standards. LBMA sets the standards concerning purity, shape and origin of gold and silver ingots and how they are traded in the Loco London market.

In order to be accredited and appear on this prestigious list, refineries must pass inspections concerning their financial soundness, proven analytical experience of their lab and market experience, as well as production capacity.

Obtaining the LBMA certification also implies signing up to the responsible sourcing program. LBMA gold and silver ingots, taken in by the London vaults as Good Delivery, are freely traded in the global market.

LBMA - Responsible GOLD Certificate
LBMA - Responsible SILVER Certificate
LBMA - Compilance Report 2020


We operate in national and international markets, producing pure gold and silver ingots in compliance with the strict LBMA standards. Our refinery has been part of the Good Delivery List since 2014.

obtained in 2015

Responsible sourcing

The metal of LBMA Good Delivery refineries is free of exploitative practices

The audit program implements the five-step due diligence framework provided by the OECD’s guidance, and requires GDL refineries to contribute to the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and human rights violation, as well as to the environmental cause on a global level.

Auditors are properly instructed with training sessions and webinars, but especially with a thorough quality control. The reputation of the responsible sourcing program is based on regular reviews and inspections.

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