Responsible business.
Promoting social, environmental and human rights practices that are responsible and sustainable.

Cooperation: the foundation of responsibility

RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) is the most influential organization as far as sustainability standards all along the supply chain in the global watch and jewelry industries are concerned. By implementing RJC’s standards in the management and manufacture of the company, management systems are greatly reinforced, value is added, the integrity of the supply chain is protected and the trust of our clients is strengthened.

RJC includes more than 1,600 companies of all sizes working all along the supply chain in the watch and jewelry industries, from retail to mining, in the whole world. RJC companies believe that a responsible business, that does no harm to people or the planet, is paramount. We can only achieve this by working together, by collaborating.

COP - Responsible Jewellery Council Certificate
COC - Chain of Custody Certificate


We have been supplying RJC certified gold to companies since 2016. In 2021 our silver, platinum and palladium metals were also awarded with this important recognition.

obtained in 2016

The accreditation process

RJC certification is obtained following a complex certification process that consists of several steps and is managed by third parties. This process applies to two standards:

  • Code of Practices (COP): it promotes and identifies responsible corporate practices all along the production chain of precious metals. The COP system mainly guarantees the respect for human rights, workers’ rights and decent work, ethical metal and diamond sourcing, and the respect and protection of environmental policies.
  • Chain of Custody (COC): it supports responsible product traceability in the jewelry industry and, in particular, it deals with issues such as internal management and responsibilities, material control, suitability of recycled and existing materials and of third parties collaborating with companies, supplies from high-risk areas and control over the chain of custody of materials.
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